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Basic Zombie Unit[edit | edit source]

When enough zombies crowd into one building directly beside your fort, they might turn into a massed zombie unit. This basic unit stays in place as the zombies start trying to claw their way in through the wall. The number of zombies on the building will keep increasing, so it gets more dangerous every day and will take more defense to keep them at bay.

Eventually, the zombies will work themselves into a frenzy and attack all at once. Whatever the outcome, the zombie unit will be destroyed. If a zombie unit ever finds itself not beside the fort, it will try to move to the fort.

Zombie Mobs[edit | edit source]

Zombie mobs are slightly different from basic mobs as they definitely appear at least two squares away from the fort,advance towards fort one square each day and will definitely attack when beside the fort.

Super Zombie Mobs[edit | edit source]

Coming soon - not yet in the game