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Every survivor can equip one weapon and one nonweapon. Weapons generally increase the defense skill which is used to lower danger of missions outside the fort, increase the defense bonus during guard duty, and kill zombies faster during kill zombies missions.

Guns consume 1 ammo per day whenever someone with a gun is out killing zombies, scavenging, or attacking other factions (unless altered by a policy). If you have no ammo, guns won't give a defence boost

Weapon Types[edit | edit source]

Name Statistics Type
Named Sword +3 Defense, Perk: Ninja Melee
Andy's Whip +3 Defense, Perk: Recreation Melee
Cricket Bat +3 Defense, Perk: Recreation Melee
Boomerang +1 Defense, +1 Scavenging Melee
Named Boomerang +2 Defense, +2 Scavenging, Perk: Hunter Melee
Stick +1 Defense Melee
Knife +2 Defense Melee
Nunchuks +1 Defense Melee
Mierfa's Nunchuks +3 Defense Melee
Fire Ax +2 Defense, +2 Scavenging Melee
Sledgehammer +2 Defense, +2 Building Melee
Golf Club +1 Defense, Perk: Recreation Melee
Pickaxe +2 Defense, +1 Building Melee
Shovel +1 Defense, +1 Scavenging Melee
Baseball Bat +1 Defense, Perk: Recreation Melee
Nail Board +2 Defense Melee
Whip +1 Defense Melee
Sword +2 Defense Melee
Crossbow +3 Defense, Perk: Hunter Melee
Chainsaw +2 Defense, +1 Building Melee
Handle With Care +5 Defense, +2 Building Melee
Pistol +2 Defense Gun
Shotgun +4 Defense Gun
Named Shotgun +5 Defense Gun
Hunting Rifle +3 Defense, Perk: Hunter Gun
Named Rifle +4 Defense Gun
Submachine Gun +3 Defense Gun
Assault Rifle +4 Defense Gun
Rocket Launcher +5 Defense Gun
Flamethrower +4 Defense Gun
Pea Shooter +3 Defense, Perk: Green Thumb Gun
Minigun +5 Defense Gun