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General Policies[edit | edit source]

  • Assigning Equipment
    • Manually equip items - Equipment will not be automatically equipped
    • Equip skilled survivors first - New equipment is optimally distributed, causes unhappiness
    • Equip people at random - New equipment is randomly assigned to anyone who doesn't have one
  • Children
    • Let kids be kids - (effect?)
    • Kids help their guardians at work (both positive and dangerous events)
    • Kids should go to school - Kids goof off less (effect?)
  • Rations
    • Regular rations - Survivors each eat 1 food per day
    • Decreased Rations - Survivors eat 25% less food per day; happiness decreases
    • Increased Rations - Survivors eat 25% more food per day; happiness increases
  • Shower Rationing
    • Let People Shower as Much as they Want - Receives positive feedback from the Pharmacists, increased happiness. Mission to repair the water purification station happens occasionally (Until the mission is completed, the happiness bonus is negated)
    • Limit Showers to Once a Week - Minor happiness loss on a regular basis. Mission to repair the water purification station happens every so often
    • Limit water use to bare necessities - Bigger Happiness loss on a regular basis
  • Ammo Use
    • Balanced Ammo Use - Keeps ammo use and gun power the same
    • Spray and Pray - Increases usage of ammo, +1 defense boosts from guns
    • Conserve ammo as much as possible - halved ammo use rate, -1 Defense from Guns
  • Foreign Policy
    • with Open Arms - increases faction relations and chances of recruitment success, -Fortwide Defense
    • with Caution - maintains balance of relations and defense
    • with Hostility - increases fortwide defense, decreases recruitment success chance and faction relations
  • Churches vs Bars
    • Churches - Churches become more effective than Bars happiness-wise
    • Bars - Bars become more effective than Churches happiness-wise
    • Evenly on Churches and Bars
  • Mandatory Guard Duty
    • No, volunteer Guards are enough - Positive feedback from The Pharmacists, only those who are on Guard Duty contribute to fort defense
    • Yes, all people go on guard duty - +happiness, everyone contributes to Fort defense and gains Defense skill with attacks
  • Democracy
    • No, I will make all decisions - allows you to choose the decisions to policies
    • Yes, the people should vote - creates a new option, "Let the People Vote" and disables all other options for policies

Faction-based Policies[edit | edit source]

  • Cannibalism
    • Decide during situations
    • Reject Cannibalism and those who do it - decreases relations with Pig Farmers
    • Eat all dead bodies - increases relations with Pig Farmers, Increases food count everytime someone dies
  • Bath Salts
    • Allow them - increased happiness for Addicts
    • Ban them - decreased happiness for Addicts
  • Gender Roles
    • People can do what they want - increased relations with Dahlias and The Pharmacists
    • Everyone does chores and guard duty - Increased relations with Dahlias, decreased relations with The Pharmacists
    • Women should stay safe at home - Decreased relations with Dahlias

Governance Policies[edit | edit source]

In story mode, these policies become available as soon as you build a Town Hall.

  • Crime and Punishment - What should be our most severe punishment for murderers and treasoners?
    • Take away their luxuries - No time off, low order: Crimes are more likely to happen
    • Put criminals in jail - Criminals jailed, normal order: Crimes occasionally happens, but when it does, that survivor can't do anything for a few days
    • Kick them out of the fort - Criminals exiled, high order: Crimes rarely happens, but when it does, you'll lose a survivor
    • Capital cannibal punishment - Criminals eaten, high order: Crimes rarely happens, and when it does, you'll gain some food. but happiness may decrease, and you'll lose a survivor
  • Nationalism - What is our attitude towards outsiders?
    • Take care of our own: increased defense
    • Help our allies: Friendly factions will like us more
    • Help anyone who needs it: More survivors will come to us
  • Our Highest Priority - What do we value most?
    • Repopulating the world - More new recruits
    • Keeping people safe - Increased defense
    • Providing a religious moral center - Churches are more effective
    • Trading and prospering - Better trade deals
  • Private Property - Should people own their own things?
    • People share all resources - Produce more resources, lower happiness
    • Some shared, some private - Normal resources and happiness
    • People keep their own stuff - Fewer resources, increased happiness
  • Rock the Vote - How do we structure our government?
    • Leader chooses policies - regular policy system
    • Leader and senate choose policies - Occasional government conflicts; happiness increases
    • All survivors vote - Random policies will be chosen; happiness increases
  • Wealth Distribution - Who gets the best stuff?
    • Randomly assign luxuries - Normal happiness
    • Favor skilled workers - Happier high level survivors
    • Favor the hardest workers - Increased happiness but fewer skilled recruits
    • Favor Soldiers - Happier soldiers and more soldier recruits