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Each survivor can gain up to 3 perks by talking to them after their total skill levels(not counting any perk/effect/equipment) reach 4, 7, and 10 (see backstory for the method of getting the most powerful perks, a must-learn for advanced game play), and more through other means. Some survivors arrive already with perks (note however that none of them arrive with their "training" perks already taken, you can always "talk" to them 3 times, each time gaining a perk). Some perks are given by random events (permanently, in most cases, or, in rarer cases such as becoming an addict or a cultist, until countered) or provided by items (for as long as those items remain equipped). Perks provide various bonuses (and sometimes penalties), such as additional skill points or increased effectiveness with certain missions.

The main leader has a special perk chosen at the start of the game which affects the entire fort, does not gain perks from training, but is (or at least was in earlier versions) still eligible for all event-based perks (doesn't seem to work for me lately, need confirmation)(mine got a former Riffs perk after playing about 15 maps)

Despite leveling up only granting a total of 3 perks, there does not seem to be a limit to the number of overall total perks any one survivor can have.

Main Leader Perks[edit | edit source]

College Student +science, schools and bars are 25% more effective
Construction Worker +building, -50% material costs for building
Doctor +science and -1 day injury recovery time (Note: it is used in a number of events either enabling more options, or outright changing the outcome)
Gang Member +2 Defense, no happiness loss from death or injury
Hobo +2 Scavenging, +5 housing space
Police Officer +2 Defense and +1 bonus on firearms for all survivors (eg: +3 Shotgun becomes +4)
Politician +2 Leadership and one bonus starting survivor
Priest +2 Leadership, start game with church, more devout survivors
Retiree +2 building and +10% happiness bonus
Shop Clerk +scavenging and +25% trade bonus (Note: The bonus is purely additive, I.E. a 15% mark-up becomes a 10% discount)

Deluxe Jobs[edit | edit source]

Your main character can only acquire these perks if you, as the customer, purchased the Deluxe Edition of Rebuild 3 ($25 from the website). If you only purchased the normal edition ($15), then these perks are not available to you. You will also obtained items if you choose it as your starting jobs.

Pizza Delivery Driver +3 Scavenging, start with Driver perk. Start the game with Gram (Sword, +3 defense, perk: Ninja) and KITT (Car, +3 defense, +3 scavenging, perk: Has Vehicle)
Pro Gamer +defense, higher base defense but increased danger all-around. Start the game with a Handle with care (Chainsaw, +5 defense, +2 building)
Programmer +3 Engineering, start with a lab (takes precedence over church), and 9 researched tech (Note: the researched are always the same: construction, survivor management, watch towers, generator power, signposts, bunker towers, improved walls, searchlights, and electrified walls; however if the story mode locks the tech level you will gain less than 9 techs). Start the game with The Feynman Lectures (Book, +4 engineering, perk: MacGyver)
Real Estate Developer +3 Building, all build missions take 1 day. Start the game with a Hardhat (+3 building, perk: Defended)
Rock Star +3 Leadership, gain respect x2 faster, lose respect x2 slower. Start the game with a Note's Guitar (+4 leadership, +2 defense, perk: Musician)

Skill-related Perks[edit | edit source]

When talking to survivors three options of perk appear. Usually, the [+3 skill] perks and the non-skill-related perks options cannot be altered by changing profession, and the rest of the skill-related perk appears to the correspondent profession. (Exceptions can happen) See backstory for details, but here's the over-simplified version: take the first option two times and at the third time you talk with a survivor, equip equipment that grants the same perk as the option, then powerful perks have higher chances to appear. (Be warned that this is inaccurate and not the best way to do it.)

Leadership[edit | edit source]

Born Leader +3 Leadership skill (Note: additional leadership skill over level 10 is only useful when preaching and allying mission in city hall .)
Musician Bonus happiness to others during missions (Note: this is also a randomly "triggered" bonus)
Negotiator Bonuses while trading with factions (Note: Triggers all the time, but requires the faction to have at least one unit of food or materials or fuel left in their stock, the ones that you trade them do not count for that purpose)(Gain bonus respect if player decline the offer.)
Preacher More effective while working in a church
Peacekeeper Reduces chances of riots and fights (Untested whether this works with other factions.)

Defense[edit | edit source]

Fighter +3 Defense skill
Firearms Training +1 Defense with anything from pistols to machine guns (Note: This perk can be activated twice(+2 defense) if both the survivor's equipment fits the firearms criteria. Namely, the flare gun.)
Melee Training +1 Defense with anything from a shovel to a sword (Note: This perk can be activated twice(+2 defense) if both the survivor's equipment fits the melee weapen criteria.)
Hand to Hand Combat +2 Defense when no weapon equipped
Demolitions Explosives do extra damage (Does this really exist? Unseen on all websites and games I've played. Also, explosives always kill all zombies, and thus increasing it's damage is not meaningful at all.)
Commander All survivors gain +0.5 to defense

Building[edit | edit source]

Handyman +3 Building skill
Artist Happiness bonus when fortifying buildings
Redecorator May automatically convert useless buildings. (Convert into buildings that player can build. Reaction without the "construction" tech is untested)

(Note: This means that very infrequently, the survivor will trigger a random event to instantly convert a useless building in your fortress like an XXor Gas to a building that serves a purpose (i.e. farm). It does not improve any of the missions that you assign the survivor to. Also, keep in mind that some "useless" buildings can still have event uses. For example XXor Gas can be used in Last Judgement event, and 8-12 Mart can be used in "Ice Cream" event, making this perk have a potentially negative effect.)

Tools Expert Double skill bonus from tools. (Confirmed: The bonuses gained are solely those that apply to the Building skill; no Defence or other bonuses are gained.)
Defenses Expert Grant +0.5 defense to all buildings
Fearless Reclaim Can reclaim buildings with zombies on them. ( Kills the zed when mission is completed, arguably the most powerful (non-player) perk)

(Note: This does not allow the builder to ignore Roamers, Zombie Mobs or Massed Zombies . Those problems must be cleared out of the way first. Nor can the builder reclaim an unscouted tile.)

Scavenging[edit | edit source]

Resourceful +3 Scavenging skill
Good Cook Bonus food production

(Note: This means that on rare occasion, this survivor will trigger an event that instantly creates about 20 food out of nothing.)

Green Thumb Bonus food while farming (Note: this is also a randomly "triggered" bonus) (Also obtained when equipped with Pitchfork or Pea Shooter)
Hunter Improves hunting missions. learn-able and given by hunting rifles, crossbows and Melanie's boomerang
Hoarder Extra building materials while scavenging (Note: this is also a randomly "triggered" bonus)
Scrapper Scavenging skill is also added to defense.

(Note: This is arguably the most powerful perk. Firstly, it drastically improves the safety of scavenging. Secondly, when the survivor is also trained in defense skill, his/her totally defense can easily exceed 25 or even reach 30. Note that any survivor's skill level cannot exceed 30 under all circumstances.)

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Genius +3 Engineering skill.
Bookworm Research bursts, +2 Engineering from books.

(Note: "Research Bursts" means that if this survivor is working in a Laboratory, then there is a chance that the current research project will abruptly finish early. The "burst" effect only applies to technologies being researched by that specific survivor, however.)

Crafter Creates extra items in the workshop.

(Note: The extra items created (appears as an event) are free, i.e. crafting extra traps doesn't cost extra materials.)

First Aid Reduces chance of death on missions.

(Note: It's untested/unconfirmed whether this effect is global, i.e. an Engineer with this perk working in a workshop may prevent the death of a Soldier on a separate attack mission.)(Also granted by named doctor's bags)

MacGyver Half of Engineering skill added to defense.

(Note: This skill is a good defensive perk, as you can train a character until they reach 10 engineering, thus adding 5 defense points for free.)

Positive Perks[edit | edit source]

Animal Lover Extra skills and happiness if equipped with a pet. +1 Defense, Leadership. Overridden by Allergic to Pets.
Camper Sleeps under the stars, does not need a house
Driver Does missions faster when equipped with a vehicle (this is also a randomly triggered bonus)
Easy Going Double happiness increases and halve decreases (Also granted by terrible comic equipment)
Fast Recovery Recovers from injury faster (one day faster recovery)
Friendly Makes friends faster, more happiness from friends. (Also granted by comic books equipment)
Half Rations Eats less than other survivors. Eats .5 food per day instead of 1.(cannot coexist with no/double rations)
Immune Won't die from a zombie bite, +1 defense. The main character and any Rotten recruits have this by default.
Loner Improved skills when on a mission alone.

(It means he/she will do better if doing a mission alone. Ex: A loner with 5 defence skill killing zombies alone will seem to have a defence skill of 7(Not accurate, It's only an example))

Musician Bonus happiness to others during missions (Note: this is also a randomly "triggered" bonus)
Ninja No penalty for how far away a mission is. (Some weapons, such as named swords, also add this)
No Rations Doesn't eat any food. Only Rotten recruits can have this perk. (cannot coexist with half/double rations)
Scholar Learns more from schools (note: "more" means faster, nothing more)
Superhero Increase each skill by 1. Increase max levels by 1.
Team Player Improved skills when on a mission with at least 3 survivors (a specific Gaming Book will also add this)

Tradeoff Perks[edit | edit source]

Addict Regular user of the drug Bath Salts, +1 Defense. (Bad things can happen if bath salt runs out.)
Brave +1 defense, but may take the hit for another survivor.
Coward Less likely to be injured, but -2 leadership
Cultist Follower of The Chosen Ones, +10 Happiness

(Note: Cultists on Kill Zombies missions have a random chance to abandon their mission, lose happiness, and take mandatory time off because killing zombies goes against their religion. Anyone stacked with a Cultist is likely to become a Cultist.)(Try not to get your best survivors this perk, as cultists sometimes choose to "join the chosen ones".)

Devout Extra happiness from churches, none from bars.

(Note: Devout survivors will eventually lose this perk along with 40 points of happiness if you have no/lose all churches in your area. They may also gain/regain it by spending time with other Devout survivors, whether on missions, in training, or just taking time off. It's possible the perk may also be gained from having an active Leader survivor preaching in a church.) (Note: while this perk doesn't seem all that powerful, it's actually a good idea to put preachers and grant your survivors this perk. First, this perk directly grants immunity from becoming a cultist.(and skeptic) Secondly, when you talk to a survivor, this option(and the skeptic option) will not appear and give space for the OP perks to appear.)

Eccentric Makes both friends and enemies easily.
Intense Focus -1 to all skills, but learns faster in missions.

(Note: This may very well be one of the worst perks in the game, as unless a survivor dies, they are guaranteed to reach their maximum skill level eventually. Keep in mind that this perk is a permanent choice; not only will it give the survivor in question -1 to all skills, but also take up a valuable perk slot.)

Light Sleeper +0.5 to all building defense, but happiness increases at half the normal rate.
Pacifist Factions like you more, but no bonus from weapons.

(Note: The "no bonus" effect in question applies only to bonuses to the Defence skill; weapons such as sledgehammers, boomerangs, and so forth will still give their secondary skill bonuses, i.e. Building, Scavenging, etc. This perk also has no effect on items, e.g. crowbars, flare guns, etc.)

Skeptic +1 engineering, immune to religion. (Will not be a devout or a cultist. Won't gain happiness from preachers. Devouts and cultists will not gain this perk)
Stinky +1 defense, but more likely to make enemies.
Tough Less likely to die, but hard to make friends. (It is unknown if this makes it less likely for the survivor to begin friendships, or if friendships simply build slower.)

Negative Perks[edit | edit source]

Allergic to Pets No benefit from equipping animals. Overrides Animal Lover.(Seems to have chances to disappear if equipped with an animal long enough. Need confirmation.)
Clumsy Increased mission danger.
Double Rations Eats more than other survivors.(Often results from recruiting option)(cannot coexist with no/half rations)
Downer Lowers happiness of other survivors when on missions.(triggered as event)
Rebellious May refuse to work.

(Note: Will cause the survivor with the perk to have a random chance to abandon their mission and take mandatory time off. Often results from lying to survivors when recruiting.)

Sickly More likely to get sick. (This trait is often gained by survivors who are recruited when choosing a "negative" option during a specific event; it's recommended to always keep a spare medkit to avoid getting a survivor with this trait during said event.)

Item-Unique Perks[edit | edit source]

Caretaker Periodic Increases to Happiness, granted by any child (kid or baby). (Confirmed this is a periodic increase and not a flat 10%)
Defended Prevents death on missions. Granted by the Helmet. (Lost after one use along with the helmet)
Pet Owner Periodic Increases to Happiness, granted by any pet (dog or cat). (Confirmed this is a periodic increase and not a flat 10%)
See Further When scouting, scouts adjacent (not diagonal) buildings as well in the same time, very effective with larger tiles.

Granted by named binoculars. (Simple "Binoculars" only grant the universal +1 to scavenging". The effect is also rendered obsolete by researching the "Improved Scouting" technology.)

Has Vehicle Removes mission danger caused by distance from fort. Granted by Bicycle, Motorbike, Car, and Armored Car.

Faction Perks[edit | edit source]

Former 1337cREw Increases sway with the 1337cREw faction
Former Chosen One Increases sway with the Chosen Ones faction
Former DAHLIA Increases sway with the Dahlias faction
Former Luddie Increases sway with the Luddies faction
Former Pharmacist Increases sway with the Pharmacists faction
Former Pig Farmer Increases sway with the Pig Farmers faction
Former Riff Increases sway with the Riffs faction
Friend of Gustav Increases sway with Gustav the trader
Government Defector Increases sway with the Government faction
Last Judgement Escapee Increases sway with the Last Judgement faction
Rotten Increases sway with the Rotten faction
St. Michael's Dropout Increases sway with the St. Michael's Boys faction

Leader Bonus Perks[edit | edit source]

After certain events, your leader can pick a bonus perk. No items are given with these perks. The perks can be gained in Story Mode in the listed cities or in Free Play as long as the relevant factions are in the city.

In Wenatchee, if you choose to "safely rescue as many kids" in the farm disaster quest line (Starts after the CDC research is obtained; one observation was 10 days after, another says 30 days after), then Meet with Ludd, then wait about a day or two, you can pick from (couldn't obtain the perk in Iphone version, need to be confirm)

  • Police Officer
  • Gang Member
  • Rockstar (Deluxe)

In Moses Lake, if you agree to let one of them use the mall, then choose to "Let them kill one another" in the Gangs of Deadsville quest line, regardless of which side you favor, you can pick from:

  • Politician
  • Priest
  • Pizza Delivery Driver (Deluxe)

In Spokane, if you choose to defeat the Government with Jesse OR if you side with Davis and capture rotten faction members for the government, you can pick from:

  • Retiree
  • Hobo
  • Real Estate Developer (Deluxe)

In Nelson, after completing the Ice cream truck quest line, you can pick from:

  • Construction worker
  • Shop Clerk
  • Programmer (Deluxe)

In Kelowna, if you choose to take down the Last Judgement with the Dahilas, or choose to sneak Mason Moon and the girl out of the city, you can pick from:

  • Gang Member
  • Priest (Confirmed)
  • Real Estate Developer (Deluxe)

Chilliwack, after completing the Riffs quest line, you can pick from

  • Police Officer
  • College Student
  • Pizza Delivery Driver (Deluxe)