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Survivors can equip one weapon and one nonweapon. Equipment is found on scavenging missions and can be traded for with other factions. It usually increases one or more survivor skills (up and above the max level 10), and sometimes gives an extra perk.

WARNING!!!:Stats are correct unless altered by policies

Named items[edit | edit source]

Some items have a (unique?) person name. The name isn't related to any survivor (always?), but are randomly chosen. These items are generally better than the common version, but the name doesn't affect the stats (always?). For simplicity, each item has only one entry and is listed with X as a name

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Firearms[edit | edit source]


Pistol (+2 defense)

Pea Shooter (+3 defense, perk: Green Thumb)

Crossbow (+2 defense, perk: Hunter)

Submachine Gun (+3 defense)

Hunting rifle (+3 defense, perk: Hunter)

Shotgun (+3 defense)

X's Shotgun (+4 defense)

Assault rifle (+4 defense)

Flamethrower (+4 defense)

Minigun (+5 defense)

Rocket Launcher (+5 defense)

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]

Whip (+1 defense)

Baseball bat (+1 defense, perk: Recreation)

Boomerang (+1 defense, +1 scavenging)

Shovel (+1 defense, +1 scavenging)

Sword (+2 defense)

Chainsaw (+2 defense, +1 building)

Sledgehammer (+2 defense, +2 building)

Fire Axe (+2 defense, +2 scavenging)

X's Boomerang (+2 defense +2 scavenging, perk: Hunter)

X's Whip (+3 defense, perk: Recreation)

Cricket Bat (+3 defense, perk: Recreation)

X's swords (+3 defense, perk: Ninja)

Handle with care (+5 defense +2 building) (probably edition-specific, but DOES appear not just as a starting gear)


Non-weapons[edit | edit source]

Children[edit | edit source]

(-1 to all stats, +10 happiness)

Pets[edit | edit source]

(+1/2 leadership/ +2 defense/ +1 defense and scavenging/ +1 to all stats, perk: Pet Owner)


Saw (+1 building)

Hammer (+1 defense, +2 building)

Toolbox (+3 building)

Books[edit | edit source]

Science book (+2 engineering)

Terrible Comic (+3 leadership, perk: Easygoing) (Compatible with Bookworm)

Science book -written a few more words- (+5 engineering)

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Bicycle (Perk: Has Vehicle)

Bike (+1 scavenging, perk: Has Vehicle) (confirm stats please)

Car (+1 scavenging, perk: Has Vehicle)

Armored Truck (+2 defense, +2 scavenging, Perk: Has Vehicle)

Miscellaneous and unsorted[edit | edit source]

Binoculars (+1 scavenging)

Flashlight (+1 scavenging)

Calculator (+1 engineering)

Top hat (+1 leadership)

Cowboy hat (+1 leadership)

Pitchfork (+1 scavenging, perk: Green Thumb)

Doctor's bag (+2 engineering)

Megaphone (+2 leadership)

Guitar (+2 leadership)

X's Binoculars (+2 scavenging, perk: reveal further when scouting (same as having the improved scouting but only for the one equipped with them))

Crowbar (+1 defense, +2 scavenging)

Backpack (+3 scavenging)

Radio (+3 leadership)

Chemistry kit (+3 engineering)

Flare Gun (+1 defense, +3 leadership) (in later versions seems to be unique to kid events, used to me a lot more common)

FTB-9000 (+4 engineering, +8 for bookworms?) (Confirm name and bookworm compatibility please)

Doctor's scalpel (+5 engineering, perk: First Aid)

X's go bag (+5 engineering, perk: First Aid)

Multi-tools (+1 to all stats)

I also recommend getting rid of a number of categories such as "kits" and "children" if the game doesn't have a relevant perk, it isn't worth having a category for it.

So far the game understands only "tools", "books", "pets", and "vehicles" for any meaningful purposes. Kids/non kids are filtered out of relevant lists more or less "behind the scenes". And it's not like there are noteworthy differences between kids, in the context of this page they are all a single item.

IDs for debug tools[edit | edit source]

armoredtruck, assaultrifle, baby, babygirl, backpack, baseballbat, bicycle, binoculars, binocularsks, binocularsks2, book, bookks, booknovel, booknovelks, bookphysics, boomerang, boomerangks, calculator, car, chainsaw, chainsawhand, constructionhat, cowboy, cricketbat, crossbow, crowbar, crowbarks, doctorsbag, doctorsbagks, doctorsbagks2, dogangry, doghappy, dogsmall, fireax, flamethrower, flaregun, flashlight, golfclub, guitar, guitarrad, hammer, helmet, huntingrifle, huntingrifleks, kittcar, kittenblack, kittenwhite, knife, megaphone, minigun, motorcycle, multitool, nailboard, nunchuks, nunchuksks, olderboy, oldergirl, pickaxe, pistol, pistolks, pitchfork, radio, rocketlauncher, saw, sciencekit, shotgun, shotgunks, shovel, sledgehammer, stick, submachinegun, sword, swordks, toolbox, tophat, whip, whipks, wrench, youngboy, younggirl